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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

EDUC 1 & 301

Our country needs good teachers. Through EDUC 1 & 301, I am able to train future teachers who will be able to train the next generation of Filipino people. I always believe in my students. Through this blogspot, I want to know the great minds of my education students. Share with us your insights, reflections, realizations, and learnings. Likewise, share with us a visualization of your desired future of our country when you are given the "great" chance to be a teacher. Let this blogspot serve as a venue for us to communicate with one another. Share with us what is in your hearts and in your minds.


At 12:39 AM, Blogger CieLLeiNniE said...

I am a Religious Education student and one of the student of DR. NIMFA DE VERA.

i admire her as a teacher because she is able to touch the heart of every students.

she taught us many things that are very useful for us as a future teacher. she inspires us to do this things.

in our class she allows us to learn in our own, to realize things in our own and it helps a lot.

in every lesson there is always GOD in the center of everything.

may GOD always bless this teacher and will continue to inspires other students for the next semester.

miss, thank you for everything that you had taught us. may you wil never give up for all your students and continue to inspires them each day.

At 1:13 AM, Blogger Jacky Lou said...

I really learned a lot from Doc de Vera, lessons that I can use as a future teacher. She is a professor whom I can consider a very considerate and has a motherly love for us! She uses all the strategies in teaching in order that her students will not have difficulty and to make her lessons easier. She really led us to success!
In her subject, I really learned a lot both in academics as well in my relationship to God. I learned to appreciate the things that God has given me either good or bad for in every moments of my life, God has plan for it. I will not consider it as an accident but that is a challenge for me to surpass. Also, I realized that I was driven by the authorities in my life. I always do things because they commanded that I will do such thing but now, I am enlightened that I will do things for God’s glory.
Academically, a lot of useful principles and strategies of teaching I discovered and learned. Surely, in the future these will be of great benefit for me. Likewise, when I will be a teacher, I will never give up. I will continue to explore and discover new knowledge for my students so that they too will be an asset too our country.

Jacky Lou

At 7:31 PM, Blogger pInKy (ThE MoThEr FoUnDrEsS) said...

i am one of the students of doc.ndv that's how i call her...
i don't want to threat her my professor because she doesn't look like that.
i say that because she is very tender, understanding, loving, caring, and she thought us all about how to be a good educator!
she is very much like a mother who corrects her students mistakes. as a future teacher i want to be like her. teaching her students all the values in life, the knowledge she gives us really sticks in our mind.
she taught us that as an educator you have to first touch the heart of your students, because when the heart are inspire the mind can think and the heart can work. and she taught us that always make schooling pleasurable so that schooling is not burden to the students. i will apply that to my future profession.
and she always reminds us that all our fears, happiness we have to offer it to God....


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